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      Head of Hair Department - Die In a Gunfight - 2019


      Head of Hair Department - Schitt's Creek 2016 - 2019

      Head of Hair Department - Goon Last of the Enforcers 2015


      Head of Hair Department - Ride 2015


      1st Assistant - Private Eyes 2017

      1st Assistant - Ransom 2016


      1st Assistant - Schitt's Creek 2014 & 2015

      1st Assistant - Make it Pop 2014 & 2015

      1st Assistant - Spun Out 2014


       Walgreen Commercial 

      Star Wars Playstation Commerical - Lucas Films 

      Playstation Commercial -  Lucas Films 


       Soppers Drug Mart Commercial Featuring Annie Murphy (Alexis          

       Rose on Schitt's Creek) 

       Canadian Tire Commerical 


  • Unitron Infomercial Commercial


       Ford Vehicle Commercial 


  • Boston Pizza 'Camouflage" Commercial


  • UN - ' Say No To Child Slavery' shoot/video campaign


  • Liberal Party Campaign Video - Justin Trudeau


  • IMAX Cinema Ads​


  • Various Fashion shoots in Melbourne, Australia

  • The Bay billboard ads for Olympics 2009

  • Various music videos and shoots for Anna Cyzon, Musician

  • Carl Henry Music Video "Dim the Lights"

  • Astro Media Ad

  • Wedding SOS - Hair and Make-up Artist for 5th Season

  • Positive Living Television show - Hair and Make-up Arist

  • Lily Allen Hairstylist for concert at the Docs Nightclub

  • Fashion Week Hair and Make-up Arist for Various Shows

  • Unitron Ad

  • MTV Hosts Press Photoshoot

  • Band Foto Television Show

  • The New Cities Band Photoshoot

  • Cashmere ad

  • Tim Horton's commercial

  • Trey Mills music video for 'Saving Me'

  • Wedding SOS - Hair and Make-up Artist for 4th Season

  • The Keg Ad

  • Scotiabank Ad

  • Canada's Next Top Model television show 


  • 2007 MTV 'Eyeballs' commercial 


  • Reebok 'Joe Thorton' Ad

  • Valentino runway show for L'Oreal Fahion Week

  • Magneta Lane press shots, Eye Magazine

  • Rich Bride, Poor Bride reality show 


  •  ScribblePen CD photos


  • Magneta Lane CD photos

  • Cities in Dust CD photos
    * winner of HMA Best Album Artwork of the Year *


  • Short Film, "Goosh Bangs" 

  • Gasoline Magaine 3 page spread

  • Pierre Laurent Jewlery Commercial

  • Much Music Trojan Condom Commercial

  • UMM Magazine 8 page spread

  • UMM Magazine 10 page spread



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